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We are pleased to show you our complete range of Leggett & Platt highest quality recliner motion mechanisms and accessories. Short time deliveries of small to large quantities of most of the items shown are possible thanks to a large stock availability.

We are proud to present a vast collection of wooden, metal and plastic legs which we produce in different styles, shapes and finishes with the most advanced technology. Capone International manufactures on customers' own designs.

Key to symbols

Please refer to codes and descriptions hereunder

Wooden feet: PL 10 000 000 000 Wooden/Metal feet: PML 30 000 000 000 Wooden/Plastic feet: PLP 50 000 000 000
Metal feet: PM 20 000 000 000 Plastic feet: PP 40 000 000 000 H: Height         S: Side         D: Depth